Ciara Loscombe

Ciara Loscombe

Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz

Ciara Loscombe

A native of Syracuse, NY, Ciara Loscombe began her training at age two with the Syracuse Dance Company. At age eight, Ciara furthered her ballet training at Light of the World Ballet, where she joined the Youth Ballet Company and performed at various venues throughout New York. During her time there, Ciara formed her own movement group and performed around Syracuse. To expand her repertoire, Ciara joined Rae’s Institute of Dance and Movement full time at age 14, where she trained in ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, African, and jazz. After 2 years of training at Rae’s Institute, Ciara was promoted to student-teacher and began conducting her own classes of numerous genres to all age groups.

As a sophomore in high school, Ciara traveled with Rae’s Institute to Accendo Dance Company in Vermont where she participated in a Martha Graham masterclass and choreography workshops. Towards the end of the workshop, Ciara was invited to perform her own choreography with her movement group in an Accendo Dance Company performance. During her senior year of high school, Ciara was asked to perform African dance for Biboti Ouikahilo. In January of 2016, Ciara was accepted to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as an undergraduate contemporary dance major, where she was further trained in several techniques, including Cunningham, Martha Graham, Counter-technique, and Limón. At the end of her freshman year, Ciara was invited by Dean Susan Jaffe to co-perform with Chancellor Lindsay Bierman at the UNCSA gala.

In UNCSA’s Fall Dance 2017, Ciara collaborated with the drama department in Kelly Maxner’s “This Is Our Last Dance.” She performed in Helen Simoneau’s original repertory, as well as Spring Dance’s “Panorama” staged by Nardi Marizio. During the summers of 2017 and 2018, Ciara held her own theater camps and dance composition classes, as well as leading technique classes. In UNCSA’s Fall Dance of 2018, she was the assistant rehearsal director for the piece “Souke” staged and choreographed by Gaspard and Company. In UNCSA’s Spring Dance of 2019, Ciara performed “Grove” set and choreographed by Trish Casey. During her senior year, while serving as chairman of her class, she performed “These Rising Lights”, choreographed by Shannon Gillen, along with “Plasma: Study for 18”, set and choreographed by Anouk Van Dijk. In addition to her studies, Ciara collaborated with Monica Johnson and Jerome Johnson to open up a community-based dance school, MJIDE, with a mission “to nurture dancers with comprehensive artistic education, enhancing understanding of cultural and social importance of the arts, providing high quality technical training for all”. Ciara graduated in the spring of 2020 from UNCSA, under the guidance of Brenda Daniels, Sean Sullivan, Kira Blazek Ziaii, Abigail Yager, Ming-Lung Yang, and Trish Casey.

Since her graduation, Ciara has been teaching dance classes all throughout the piedmont triad, including Dancers Edge and UNCSA as a preparatory dance faculty member. In the summer of 2021, Ciara earned a Masters in the Science of Management from Wake Forest University. Following graduation, she performed “Interstitial” by Taryn Griggs and Chris Yon at SECCA. Ciara continues to strive to utilize her diverse academic background by challenging preconceptions within the dance community and by exemplifying professionalism inside artistic spaces.

Styles: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz