What our customers are saying about us.

What our customers are saying

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy”


"I am so excited about this new program. It promotes exactly what my daughter needs… diversity! I love that we have choices so that we can get this level of training on a schedule that works for us. We are very excited!"


"Thank you for bringing choices to the Winston-Salem area. This program is exactly what this area needs. We can’t wait!"


"The new Edge Performing Arts program is exactly what my dancer needs! What an amazing program it looks like… that has everything we want to advance my daughter and get her the level of training she needs to be ready to pursue a career in dance. We have heard amazing things about your staff, your professionalism, and the amazing (and diverse) technique … we can’t wait to audition!"


"Thank you for providing this opportunity to dancers. It is refreshing to see a studio that focuses on technique and the dancer’s best interests. My daughter does not have the “perfect” dancer body, but dance is her passion. Until now she has not had an outlet of this caliber to train. I cannot tell you as a mother how much it means for her to now have this opportunity."


"I am so excited about this new program. The staff is amazing, and this is exactly what [my dancer] needs! Thank you!"


"I just wanted to pass on how thankful we are to your staff. It has been such a God-send, and all of the instructors have been supportive and encouraging. I cannot wait to now be able to provide my daughter with more options in the Edge Performing Arts program."


"Thank you so much for providing such a pleasant, positive environment for my children. We could not be happier!"


"I’m so happy to find a studio that provides dance as an art, and includes all aspects… technique, emotion, passion, support, and motivation. You guys have a special place and we are very thankful to be part of it. And, we cannot wait the for Edge Performing Arts program – my girls are so excited!"


"Thank you for what you do for the dance world. We looked a long time for the right combination of instruction, support, environment and technique. We are so glad we found it with you. Our girls have improved so much! And now, with this new program they will grow even more!"