Parent Observation

Edge Performing Arts has cameras in the classrooms and television monitors in the lobby. These will be turned on the first week of each month. Just as you may not realize how much taller your child has grown (until they’ve grown out of all of their new clothes!) because you see them every day, you may not realize how much progress your dancer is making if you were to watch them every week. For this reason, the cameras are only turned on once a month.

In an effort to minimize distraction for our students and allow our faculty to do the best job possible in the training of your child, we do not allow parents inside the classrooms to observe. Please refrain from observing class through doorways. Our goal is to keep your child focused so that they can maximize their class experience and continue to progress effectively through the required syllabus.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in your child’s dance classes. We hope to demonstrate to you the progress your child is making with the guidance of his/her instructor. Thank you for helping us to make this an enjoyable and informative experience for all the students, teachers and parents.

When you do have an opportunity to observe class, please be encouraging to your dancer and praise their hard work, commitment and progress.