Consistent attendance is vital in maintaining a student’s mastery of dance technique – especially when new skills are involved. Consistent weekly training is necessary to establish strength and muscle memory. Classical ballet training is a highly specialized technique that requires excellent instruction by a knowledgeable teacher and committed attendance by the student in order to achieve the desired results.

Students are asked to attend all classes and rehearsals to which they are assigned. To minimize absences, parents are urged to take into consideration classes and rehearsals when scheduling their children for appointments and when planning family vacations and events. Any absence due to a dance related event (workshop, convention, competition, performance, or audition) will be an excused absence.

If a student must miss a class, the director of EPA must be notified prior to the absence via email ( or by calling the front desk at 336-245-0450.

If a student has excessive absences the student/parent will be notified in writing of the concern. After the written warning, dancers may be moved down a level if necessary. If absences continue, the dancer may be asked to leave the program.