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“You are unique, and
if that is not fulfilled,
then something has
been lost.”

- Martha Graham



Edge Performing Arts strives to provide our dancers with choices that fit the individual need of the dancer. Our diverse program has been developed by industry professionals to better prepare our students for a future in dance.

Whether preparing for a path to arts-based education, to audition for professional work, or to enhance their existing dance training, our exceptional and dynamic staff has the experience to provide our dancers with the best training available, regardless of their future dance goals.

Once accepted - via an audition - dancers/parents have several class and day options to choose from within their specific Level. Click the link below for the latest schedule of options and pricing for each level.

Once notified of acceptance, dancers/parents have ten (10) days to return their enrollment packet with their chosen option noted. Discounts are noted for those paying for the full year in advance.

Our goal is to provide dancers with diversity and choices. Please let us know if you have questions!

Click HERE for Options and Pricing

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